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Be the change that you want to see in the world
Make your home a happy, healthy and harmonious (3H) family


12th June 2015:


How to take care of your old parents and young children? 

Both are almost similar!

All you need to do is spend your time with them for productive and positive things. Give them peace, happiness, keep them in goodness, exercise/yoga with them, eat healthy with them/make them to eat healthy, meditate with them, read a good book for them, share your good things them, always motivate them towards good. keep them in good health, happiness by encouraging them to do good. avoid talking unnecessary things and negative things with them.


This is our most important duty, which we should not skip! You can’t perform your duty properly until you become pure! So we should be wise enough to cultivate right practices in our day to day life, so that we can inspire them as an example and make them not caught up with wrong habits but keep always in purity* with regular cultivation**.

*Purity: what is purity? Purity is apart from defilement. Defilement is the greed, hatred, and stupidity present in our minds. Cultivation is clearing these impurities from our hearts.

**Cultivation is practiced in our everyday life. We should not see it as something unusual, it is simply changing our selves for the better. Whenever we recognise and correct our faults, we are cultivating.




23rd Oct:


Wish you and family a very Happy Diwali!

May this festival of lights bring us right knowledge and remove darkness of ignorance to lead us in the true path of self-realization! 

May this Diwali brings us strength and self-control to practice righteousness in everyday of our lives!


Irrespective of religion, region, caste, creed or race, Let us celebrate this Diwali together with the lights of humanity and bring oneness as a global family!  

Let us make this Diwali celebration in eco-friendly and healthy way! Let us lead by example! 


19th Oct: Happy Manavata Day


Dear Brother and Sisters,

Wish you all a very Happy Manavata Day 2014!

Thanks once again for your great efforts for Manavata mission and It is great to work together with you for the cause! It is needless to say our efficient team which is been helping us in every Manavata's project including recent cyclone relief and Yogathon events.

Of course, we are lucky to be connected and work together in the cause with purity and clarity of humanity. all 23 years was a great experience, now it is new beginning for us. we need to do lot for our mission. we only prepared our ground.. let us work together towards real sustainable development. 

Pls find attached reports and slide pack for your reference. I will try to send more details soon.

Pls find report your reference: Hyderabad Manavata Day Yogathon 2014 event.  and Photos

Wish you all be best for self-transformation towards truth and for your leadership for the cause.




3rd Oct: 


Happy Dashara!


Dasa means 10, hara means remove.. Inner meaning of Dashara festival is to remove / avoid 10 evils from us to live as a real human being.


Here is an article about those 10 evils?



30th June:


I am sure you will love to pray like this every time you pray:

Oh Lord Grant Me:
* The Heart of Bhudha
* The Brain of Sankara
* The Body of Mohammed
* The Purity of Zoroaster
* The Forgiveness of Jesus Christ
* The Fearlessness of Vivekananda
* The Divine experience of Ramathirtha

* The Non-violence of Mahatma Gandhi 


29th June

Happy Ganesh Chaturdi: Save Environment and be Healthy:

Health benefits of 21 medicinal leaves used for Ganesh Chaturdi.

Grow these plants at home. please bring awareness in children, not to go crazy to spoil environment with lots of plastics during

the celebrations.. these occasions are particularly telling us to save environment.


Thank you for taking responsibility to reform and transform for better tomorrow (irresponsible practices to right practices)


Here is English version about 21 leaves and their benefits.


5th June:


Happy World Environment Day!


Plants / Trees are our life.. gives us every thing from oxygen, food, clothes, shelter all we need for life.. So it is our responsibility to take care of them and plant more!


Many people may talk about many big things.. but we are what we do.. our simple practice matters:


As Sadguru rightly said, all of us are consuming from this planet and we have a responsibility to compensate. I appeal to everyone of you -

“If a child is born, plant a tree; if he stands up, plant a tree; if he goes to school, plant a tree; he/she gets married, plant a tree; if somebody dies, plant a tree.

Just find an excuse to plant a tree.” 


Take promise today to practice these five actions from today:
1. I do not waste food and water
2. I take my own reusable bag for shopping and avoid plastic covers

3. I take responsibility to grow plants

4. I avoid using toxic chemicals and to be more natural to avoid causing problem for plants & animals

5. I avoid energy wastage (less travel, cycle to work, less ac/heating, less tv & electronic gadgets, live with more natural lighting and natural air) 


Thank you for living simple and eco-friendly! This is real charity at home


Save Earth


22nd April:


Happy Earth day!


Take action and make a positive change to Save Water and Energy (see tips) and protect our Mother Earth for future generations!


Thank you for living simple and eco-friendly!




19th April:


How Cooking Can Change Your Life - Michael Pollan



18th April: Good Friday!


Selfishness is the root cause of all problems in this world! 

On this holy day we must remember the great sacrifice Jesus Christ has done and crucifixion he has gone through
to bring self-lessness, humanity and peace in this world!

Let us leave selfishness, selfish desires and narrow thinking.. we must live with humanity and dignity..
let us live for others, simple and be practical.. Spare food for hunger by not eating too much..
Think about and save animals by reducing carbon footprint..
Think big, remove all barriers of race, religion, caste so on..
Humanity is our identity!  then our world will be better place!

Have a blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter!


30th March: Family Vision

We see greatness in everyone
we are healthy and active
we enjoy every moment
we are relaxed and happy
we forgive ourselves and others
We are at peace with ourselves
We are grateful for our body

We flow with Life easily!


29th March: Be a good conductor!

Being a human, it is our duty to carry Good to everyone around us and passing Good to next generations!

So it is our prescribed duty to be good and to do good but not an optional one.

This is only the meaning and value we can add to our lives.. way forward to lead purposeful life!

We are only the channels to pass on good through us whole heartedly..

Let our Thought, speech and action are not polluted by anything, let us be brave to be good!

New Year reminds us about another one has gone and it is time to do self-introspection and keep us in right path!

Wish you all a very Happy Ugadi, Gudipadwa, Bhaisakhi (New Year)! 

Join Manavata Nature 2014 event: 


2014 Family Event


22nd March: Water Day!


Keep your action on..  Thank you for saving water and protecting water resources to increase the ground water levels and to help environment!  


31st Aug:


4 tips for better workplace!


30th Aug:

No wonder, why these many people are suffering from illnesses and big health problems and making corporate hospitals more rick! It is high priority for every house hold to get minimum awareness on nutrition to avoid health risks and to save their children.

See this report:

The nutrition scale was assessed based on the adequacy of carbohydrates, energy, proteins, fats and calcium. "While there have been many studies on the number of people skipping breakfast, very little has been done on the content of the meal and its nutritional value," said Malathi.

The study found that 79% of those surveyed in Mumbai had nutritionally inadequate breakfasts, followed by Delhi and Kolkata at 76% and 75%. In Chennai only 60% reported that their breakfast was nutritionally inadequate.

"Kolkata's traditional breakfast has excess maida which has a lot of carbohydrates, very little protein and no fibre at all. Delhi's parathas are too oily and Mumbai doesn't have a typical breakfast as such. People eat bread mostly, which just has carbohydrates," said Malathi.

Nutritionists say the nutrient value in rural areas down south is even greater as many of them consume ragi. "Ragi is rich in Vitamin B, fibres, protein, calcium, iron and phosphorus," said Meenakshi Bajaj, dietitian and coordinator at Academy of Clinical Nutrition, Madras Medical College.

See this interesting article:


17th Aug:

Manavata Volunteering Center:


Manavata Foundation Park center inaugurated in Maidenhead at following venue:


Manavata,  D16-18

Foundation Park

Roxborough Way




Regular volunteering activities and Group Meditation / Yoga on every Saturday at 8am, Study center opens over week ends where people can come and learn in this center and also participate in Manavata voluntary works to enable Help needy projects. 


4th Aug: 

Click here to view the yoga online 

Click here to download yoga introduction presentation 


1st Aug:


Community Nutrition Screening Tool useful information to asses health risks and to understand more about nutrition.



19th July:


Join Protest: if you want to save 120 million children in India



Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This is very serious issue, let us not leave our fasting protest until we see significant change in the program. Let us make it as relay, rotate among all our members without any gap in between. fasting rules are no eating and no drinking (no water, no food) for minimum of 24 hours.

I am about to complete 48 hours so far, I might continue another one day.. 

If you would like to join the protest, please join relay fasting. sign up with your date of fasting (for example if you start tomorrow morning, you will do until next day morning): signup link: 

Let us try to do more than 2 members everyday! Signup dates will help us know who is doing in each date. please register your interest in the following URL:

Thanks a lot for your support

Thanks & Regards



4th July:

More than 70% of the poverty living in rural areas and producing most of the food. It is high priority to protect rural areas and empower poor. creating self-sustainability is key to empower villages. Manavata has presented one of its key projects called sustainable rural development (SRDP)  in UN ECOSOC conference in Geneva (Science, Technology, Innovation and Culture for sustainable development). You can download brief summary of the paper from this link and to involve and take up lead on SRDP visit this link (watch Video link)

Take leadership, Transform a village: register today 

View some of the team photos at this conference:  

25th June: Save Nature! Take Action at home! It saves you and future! 

Get involved in growing your own food.

Save your own seeds.

Keep away from the Pepsi/Coca Cola companies.

Boycott fast-food.

Don't support corporations and big businesses.

Stop using chemicals. There are natural alternatives.

Be creative! Be resourceful!


19th June: Success comes with Truthfulness

Feeling of Insecurity is the cause of violence 

Natural principle is, When someone is feeling unsafe / insecure with some thing, then they will try to run away or get rid of their insecurity with violence.

Eg. If an ant is crawling in our hand, as long as there is no movement in our skin, ant feel safe and it won't harm us. the movement we try to move hand it feels insecure and try to hold it back with pinches teeth and legs into our skin and holds it tightly, but we think that it is doing harm to us, but it is only feeling insecure, in that fear it will try to play self-defense. 

Similarly a snake, as long we don't harm and no movement, it won't harm us, the movement we worried, snake also feels unsafe.. they it tries to protect itself. when we start living together, even snakes becomes friends to us. this is how harmony come into practice by maintaining non-violence. there are number of proven examples we see in our day to day life, even with strong animals like tigers.

Even strangers or at a new place, same situation happens, if you feel insecure, which creates fear in you, you try to have a self-defense mechanism in place. In that process, the other people also secure themselves because lack of trust.

Trust only can make us feel safe. but building trust only relies on our truthfulness. Even one lie can spoil whole trust. that might lead to violence. That is why Mahatma Gandhi has taken Truth and non-violence as key principles of life and his movement.

Let us practice Truth and non-violence.. Satyameva Jayathe (Truth is the winner).




23rd May: Welcome to Manavata family get together with Nature! 


Thanks for joining for 3H mission.. and also volunteering for organizing this annual event for the benefit of families to lead healthy and eco-friendly life. looking forward to see you all. next 3 days we will be sharing great experiences which could transform our lives.


Pleased to welcome you all for the event.. Here is the welcome slide pack for more details on day to day schedule .



Thanks & Regards

Manavata UK team

5th May:

Manavata Health Article:

 Yoga for Holistic Health 

5th April 2013: Happy World Health Day

Calm Mind can think better! Healthy Body Can work Better! Great Spirit can create true Happiness! Get all 3 with Practice of Yoga!

Click here to view Health article of the month


Every one must take responsibility and stop wasting food: See unbelievable facts of food wastage in this research 


Books and Syllabus are not enough for Value based Education:

We need exemplary people, parents and teachers! Children can learn more from people than books. Unless people follow real values in their day to day life, it is very difficult to make children follow values.

We can clearly understand this from the current school system where though many schools offering values as part of the curriculum, there is not enough focus because people are reluctant to follow values. So every teacher, every parent must practice values before teaching.

How can we bring make the world better with positive change without ourselves change? So this our action is key! Be the change!



Tips to  reduce wait and come out of obesity:

Water: Drink plenty of plain water at normal temperature  (5 liters a day),

Lemon: 1 fresh lemon (juice in the morning),

Fresh food: Cut down salt & saturated fats & Eat more fresh fruit and veg.. stop snacks in between meal.

Activity: Balance physical activity and intake by doing your works by yourself. 


Self-less service is our duty!  

Strangely many people are thinking that, it is an option or a choice in life to do self-less service! How can we forget purpose of our life and indulge in selfish desires? How foolish it is to get ourselves into more bonding and slavery by doing such a selfish works. How foolish it is to say we are busy with only selfish works?

A wise person always realizes true happiness in self-less service as a purpose of life! 

Why self-less service is our duty?
Because we owe lot to our mother nature, our parents, our friends and society who is taking care of us every day. it is our duty to repay that every day! If we don't pay by self-less work, we will have to suffer and pay back with pain later. So if you are wise, get into good work without expectations (Nishkama karma as said in Bhagavadgita).

Our duty is to protect our mother nature as we are taking all the resources from nature including oxygen, water and food. Our duty is to take care of our parents as they have brought us this far. and empower our children with values and living example, Also serve needy who are suffering with hunger, illness and many issues...

This duty should be performed without expecting name, fame or money! Here is design of life slides for your reference

Thank you for working for self-less cause and living as an example for better tomorrow! 

Wish you all the best for leading a happy life 


Teachers day (5th Sep):

Friends, the foundation for achievement is acquisition of knowledge.

Knowledge equation

When you leave your schools, a great friend is accompanying you. Who is that friend? That friend is - knowledge. Now, I am going to give the knowledge equation. 
Knowledge = Creativity + Righteousness + Courage

"Learning gives creativity
Creativity leads to thinking
Thinking provides knowledge
Knowledge makes you great"

The next component of knowledge is righteousness. Righteousness is described in a divine hymn.


Where there is righteousness in the heart
There is beauty in the character.
When there is beauty in the character,
there is harmony in the home.
When there is harmony in the home.
There is an order in the nation.
When there is order in the nation,
There is peace in the world.

Now the question is: How do we inculcate the righteousness in the heart. In my opinion, there are three sources which can build a youth with righteousness in the heart. One is mother, second is father in a spiritual environment and the third and the most important is the teacher, particularly primary school teacher.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam


12th Aug 2012: International Youth Day!

On this occasion let us draw our attention to youth issues worldwide. 

In our youth conference today, enthusiastic youth have shared their experiences. They have expressed that the key challenges of today's youth challenges are managing their time, Being confident in every opportunity and utilizing their energies in a positive way for their self-development and social development. In some of the countries, youth is facing challenge of appropriate guidance and opportunities, which is  causing a big problem of unemployment, anti social behavior and eventually leading to poverty. 

Team has also agreed that, youth needs to spend their time in bigger opportunities where they can learn practical leadership and skills while they excelling in their academics.

All the participants also showed their strong willingness to be part of volunteering opportunities. So we agreed to continue formulating regional youth groups and online personality development courses and workshops.  Weekly youth conference will focus on sharing knowledge, experience on a global platform. 

7th July 2012: Change!

€œProgress is Impossible without change, and who cannot change their mind cannot change anything€ - George Barnard Shaw

 If you don€™t change, Nature will make you to change which is more painful! So make a conscious effort for positive change!


  •  Be Inspired & Keep Motivation
  •  Take Small Steps to Positive Change
  •  One change at a time
  •  Be Consistent
  •  Make continuous improvement

Big question and challenge for many people is how to bring that change in their children. Without we make a change with 100% confidence, we can't inspire others.  Particularly for children, if we can make them socially responsible for whatever they do, then they can realize and empower quickly. So it is our skills and example to make them understand about the social responsibility. Think with humanity and see where we are going beyond our needs and where we can add a value and give a helping hand to people who are need. 

5th June 2012:

World Environment day greetings!

Thank you for taking care of environment in every action! Let this charity at home spread its message through best practices of volunteers. 


24th April 2012:

Thanks for being responsible!

Either at home or outside, most important thing for all of us is to be responsible for whatever we do! While we are being responsible and honest, we can encourage others to reflect the same which helps to make environment better.

We should never encourage people to be irresponsible or lazy on the name of affection or love or charity. Let people realize their capability and help them to be self-reliant.. either our children at home or any people outside it is the same principle we need to follow for better society. Encourage them to do their work, rather than making them happy with short term gifts. Major culprit to spoil people or making them lazy is giving something free. Of course in some situations we must help people when they are need like feed hunger and cure illness etc.

So it needs commitment from us to stop any lavish spending.. let us stick to minimum needs and create that as an example.. let us also cultivate a habit of not accepting any thing free from anyone.

21st April 2012:

Wastage of resources and time in crazy world!

On the name of entertainment, gambling, games etc many young people wasting their energies and natural resources though on the other hand they see lot of problems which needs their help.

When I visited many villages, towns and cities, I see a very few people are really coming forward to help and volunteering work to sortout their own social problems. You will be surprised to see how young people are spoiling their lives with IPL and other kind of entertainments which are driving many of them completely wrong way.Though they know time is important, they become edicts of such silly things, but they think that they are busy and don't have time for any good things like volunteering. Many of them realize the factor of success only after loosing all their young energies, which may not be useful for them or also for the world!

So my dear friends, please be an example by spending your valuable time for right things which gives direction to many people around you. Take a real problem and solve it by yourself which makes you and others also Happy... that is your real entertainment.

Please come forward and take leadership: Let us together make a positive change: 

Adopt a village: 

We are in the process of identifying leaders who are willing to adopt villages. if a leader is ready to take responsibility, village can be nominated in this link:

SRDP details are in



5th April 2012: 

You may be thinking of volunteering or do some thing for good cause. Many times you may not know where to start and how to get involved in humanitarian work!

Here are some ideas! As you know charity At Home is very important program for our 3H mission,  we encourage you to take some initiatives at individual level or with a small group.

Charity At Home small steps  ideas:

Small is beautiful! if we can take smaller steps with our friends and families for a positive change, that helps a lot to build healthy society:

Some of the ideas which can be done at their own capacity and starting from their from their home. 
These could be limited to closed friends group initially and later extended to others who might be interested. These are easy, goes along side day to day life, fun to do and helps to bring positive change / awareness within your own circles.

  • Healthy recipe competition with a potluck at your / volunteer's home. (why don't you just try this rather than occassional parties?)
  • Hosting a yoga practice group.. initially start with 1 or 2 people.. it helps you to keep up the practice
  • sports competitions / Sports Day for children and adults
  • Recycling week end: campaign through practice.. every one walks to recycling centre together with their recyclable items.
  • Gardening week end
  • Value based education / story reading groups for children (can be scheduled weekly once with closed friends group): This helps our own children to lead healthy and successful life.
  • Charity walk week end
  • Local Cycling week end
  • Any other giving / helping needy camps / sanitation or public cleaning camps (by involving children)

We could also use opportunities like birthday parties etc to conduct above events, rather than doing celebrating luxurious / nature spoiling birthday parties.

If you need any clarifications you can contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Thank you for taking action towards 3H mission.

Healthy Living Presentation Video

Eco-friendley life style: Green Your routine campaign

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