Charity At Home

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C@H Overview

Charity At Home program aims to make every family a 3H i.e Healthy, Happy and Harmonious family! 
As part of Manavata's mission to create a healthy, happy and harmonious (3H) world, we trust that transformation is possible with every individual's involvement. People generally feel that charity means donating some money, but it is much more!
Charity starts at home - be the change which you want to see in the world!

  • Many families are suffering from different issues starting from basic health issues to family relationships. It is a fact that most of the issues are due to ignorance, lack of ethics and laziness. They just try to be nice in talking but not in reality.. They don’t even bother to help when some one is suffering at home.
  • We believe that by promoting best practices at home we can help to achieve our mission of creating healthy, happy and harmonious families. 
  • A famous saying is "Charity starts at home".. This is really true.. As we all know if people can take responsibility of their own and if they can spend some time with their family in helping each other through healthy life style this world can become much better. 
  • We are what we do.. Not what we say or what we feel. So let us do good.. Let us do our primary duty.. Let us not damage either health or environment by any of our actions.
How it benefits you?
  • Protect Self & be self-reliant
  • Protect Family & Empower children
  • Protect Environment & Be Responsible
  • Protect Everyone around us


Inspire you to make yourself healthier physically, mentally, socially and spiritually and lead purposeful life!

You can make huge impact on several lives which gives you great happiness!