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How to take care of Environment?

Support to Environment:

How many of us take our environment for granted? Make your own home energy efficient.

1. Promote and recommend recycling. Make a choice between plastic and paper. Plastic is very hard to recycle. Use your own Shopping bag instead of getting tons of plastic bags from the grocery shops.

2. Make advantage of paying your bills through online. Opting for online statements for paying your bills will not only reduce papers from accumulating but in turn you are preparing the world for a much greener environment.

3. Use minimum fuel. Walk or cycle to the nearest destination instead of using your car. By doing so, you contribute your bit in saving the earth from pollution.

4. Save money and energy by using energy saving light bulbs. The electricity consumed by this is 80% less than the standard bulbs, and produce the same amount of light.

5. Minimise electricity use. Make sure you unplug electrical appliances which are not in use.

6. Promote plantation.

7. Water conservation is important. Check for hidden water leaks. Take shorter showers. Turn off the tap, when not in use. Use the dishwasher and washing machine only for full load. Knowing how to save water can help you protect both the Earth and save money.

In this Charity at home initiative, Manavata is helping you to first help yourself before you try to help others. This means not by self indulgent, but by loving yourself. If you strive to keep your mental and physical well being in good condition, you will have the strength and the right attitude to help others.